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This is a Tor Exit Router

Most likely you are accessing this website because you had some issue with the traffic coming from this IP. This router is part of the Tor Anonymous Network, which is dedicated to providing people with anonymity who need it most: average computer users.

While Tor is not designed for malicious computer users, it is inevitable that some may use the network for malicious ends. In the mind of this operator, the social need for easily accessible censorship-resistant anonymous communication trumps the risk. Tor sees use by many important segments of the population, including whistle blowers, journalists, Chinese dissidents skirting the Great Firewall and oppressive censorship, abuse victims, stalker targets, the US military, and law enforcement, just to name a few.


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Who runs this node?

We, torservers.net, offer Tor relay hosting. Individuals and organizations are invited to sponsor a node, or parts of one. For more information, visit our website at torservers.net.

We would not exist without the support and donations of privacy enthusiasts like you! Thanks!